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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Mark Waid has answered questions surrounding the “We Quit” promos that Marvel put out over the last week. Following the end of Civil War II, a number of young heroes will be handing in their Avengers memberships and making their own mark in the new series Champions.
Ms Marvel, Nova, Miles Morales, Amadeus Cho, the young Cyclops and Viv Vision will lose all confidence in their fellow older superheroes and unite under their own moniker, holding the more experienced superheroes accountable for allowing a second Civil War to run riot through the superhero communities. The new team of youngsters will strike out on their own and hope to make a greater difference in the world as Champions, with the book's title not having been used since the seventies.
Over at Time and reported extensively across many media outlets has been the revelation that Tony Stark will be stepping away from the role of Iron Man. Following Civil War II, 15 year old African-American girl Riri Williams will become the new Iron Man. First appearing only a few months ago in Invincible Iron Man #7*, Williams will join the burgeoning ranks of female superhero analogues that are "replacing" their male counterparts, which have recently included Jane Foster as the current Thor and Mary Jane as the Iron Spider.

The Hound

Talk of the Pound: With the death of Rhodes there's a vacancy over at War Machine HQ. Riri might become the new War Machine eventually, but snouting about one can find a very interesting theory: If Tony ever wants to get his old job back, he may have to be on probation in War Machine armour first...

According to IGN the saga of Odinson’s unworthiness will be tackled head on by current Thor scribe Jason Aaron from October with The Unworthy Thor. The story will build on the mini-series Thors and will follow the Odinson’s attempt to become worthy to wield the hammer of the Thor from the Ultimate Universe. The series will be separate from The Mighty Thor, however at this stage it is intended that the titles will converge sometime in the future.
Duty-bound memory Hound: In Original Sin an aged Nick Fury whispered something into Thor’s ear and whatever was said was so heinous that it triggered Thor's current status of Unworthy, unable to wield Mjölnir. The Odinson played a role in the lead up to Secret Wars despite Foster's promoted status to Worthy, but he has since been scarce. This is all a part of Aaron's master plan conceived years ago; his acclaimed mega-run on Thor continues as the Odinson embarks on a journey to find redemption. But this hound has a hot prediction for Thor and for safety reasons of those keen not to listen to a potential spoil, the subtle change to vanish-ink is required!...:
Aaron's entire Thor run will align in parallel with the "fall from grace" stories of Stark and Rogers to a monumentous return to glory for the trio in 2018.
Bleeding Cool has also dropped some interesting tid bits regarding future plans over at Marvel, revealing that later this year Marvel will release an ongoing Infamous Iron Man series following Victor Von Doom, and the ongoing Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme. Whether either of these titles are replacing current ones is yet to be announced.
For fans that have been missing The Great Lakes Avengers, Bleeding Cool has also revealed that as part of the next Marvel Now! the Avengers team from Detroit will be returning in a new series in October, penned by Zac Gorman.
Entertainment Weekly has also reported that some long sought answers will be given in Death of X, a 4 issue mini-series that will be released in October and November this year. Penned by Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire it is set primarily in the Eight month gap between Secret Wars and the All-New Marvel relaunch and will tell how the X-Men and the Inhumans have come to their current tenuous relationship. Bleeding Cool has also added that this retrospective story is a prequel to a much larger conflict yet to come.
*2015 series
Posted 2017

Posted 2017