Pulp Fiction Comics is dedicated to providing libraries the latest Graphic Novels,
and arming librarians with the knowledge they need to keep their collections
relevant, exciting and enticing for the new reader.

We specialise in recommendations that are available, tailored to demographic targets,
and mindful of content that is appropriate for your institution's unique needs.

Fifteen years ago, Pulp Fiction Comics' proprietor Peter Moore sought to change the popular opinion amongst many librarians that comic books were just for children.

Over time and travel Peter has spoken to a diverse range of librarians across Australia in an effort to champion the advantages of the medium, and he has been instrumental in the emergence of the graphic novel as a viable source for study.

Now with so many new graphic novels being released each and every week,
Peter Moore and the new Pulp Fiction Comics team*
are unsurpassed in their knowledge of the comic book industry,
import the most diverse range of new graphic novels and comics each week
and manage one of the largest graphic novel and comic book collections in Australia.

As well as competitive supply of comic books and graphic novels,
Peter Moore & Pulp Fiction Comics can come out to meet hub groups,
classes and library users to talk about all aspects of the medium by appointment.

To find out more, please don't hesitate to contact
Alternatively, phone Pulp Fiction Comics
7 days on +61 8 8231 3433
or visit our store located at

34a King William St, Adelaide SA 5000

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