Jun 14th - Geoff Johns new deal

Geoff Johns, the main behind the Rebirth of DC comics has penned a new deal with the WB and DC Comics.
According to Polygon Johns will be stepping down from his role as chief creative officer for the WB and will focus more on the printed page.

Johns had been a creative force behind the TV “Arrowverse” and had been put in charge of creative for the DC film universe in 2016 after the poor reception to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. But in recent years his work on DC Rebirth and Doomsday Clock has been making it hard for him to focus on his creative role duties.

By stepping down Johns has committed to creating a new monthly comic series for Shazam! and along with Jason Fabok he will also be working on The Three Jokers which will conclude the story of the multiple Clown Princes of Crime teased both in “Darkseid War” and the DC Rebirth Special.

At this stage no definite start dates have been given for both of his new titles. Further no word has been released on Rise of the Seven Seas, once touted by Johns in Aquaman: New 52 #25. This story remains in limbo.

Posted June 2018


DC’s recent event, Dark Nights: Metal has made a huge mark on the DC Universe. In coming months not only are new heroes emerging because of the event (The New Age of Heroes), but an implosion of the Justice League will lead to the rise of four new Justice teams, each helmed by Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash.

But according to the Washington Post even more affects are on their way.

In June 2018 Robert Vendetti (currently writing Hal Jordan and Green Lantern Corps) and Bryan Hitch (fresh from concluding his run on Justice League) will be teaming up on a new ongoing series of Hawkman. The series will spin directly out of the event of Dark Nights: Metal.

“Hawkman is a foundational character in the DCU. Over time I think he’s lost some of that central importance to the DC universe, and we really want to bring that back and make him a marquee character,” Venditti said. “And to do that we’re going to take him to a lot of unexpected, unexplored places and introduce a lot of new mythology for the character.”

The new series is the first ongoing since The Savage Hawkman debuted during the New 52 in 2011 and is the first ongoing to focus on Hawkman since Rebirth in May 2016. No details on story have been released, but the writers are promising his adventures have wide implications for the entire DC Universe.

Posted March 2018


DC Comics has announced a new initiative that they believe will help to usher in new fans and reward long term readers. According to IGN this new initiative is a new imprint called Black Label.

Conceived as a mix of traditional miniseries, prestige format limited series and graphic novels the new line is intended to allow top-name creators creative freedom to undertake new tales involving some of DC’s most iconic characters like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Some of the new stories will be similar in scope to the Earth One novels, whilst others will seemingly capture the spirit of the former Elseworlds imprint. But the goal is to tell "edgy" stories set outside of mainline DC continuity.

The current first wave of this initiative will comprise six titles;

1. Superman: Year One - Frank Miller's new take on the Superman Origin

2. Batman: Last Knight on Earth - A Dystopic Tale where Batman has only the head of the Joker in a Jar for company

3. Batman: Damned - A Horror story involving the supernatural murder of the Joker and Batman needing to team up with Constantine to solve it

4. Wonder Woman: Historia (1 of 3) – “A Homeric epic" that explores the untold history of the Amazons and Queen Hippolyta's reign

5. Wonder Woman: Diana's Daughter - A new tale from Greg Rucka exploring the rise of a new heroine after Wonder Woman disappeared 20 years previously

6. The Other History of the DC Universe - John Ridley will re-examine key moments in DCU history through the perspective of minority heroes like John Stewart, Vixen, Katana, Renee Montoya and others.

At this stage no definitive release date has been given, except to say that it will begin sometime later in 2018.
Posted March 2018

Feb 21st - S.H.E.I.L.D's long awaited finale

In 2010/11 Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver embarked on an ambitious story telling journey. They set out to tell the story of the history of S.H.I.E.L.D. involving no less than the protagonist of Leonardo Da Vinci.

It was announced as a six part mini-series. Then something went awry. Issue #4 came out as scheduled and then a delay was announced.

That delay seemed endless, but now seven years later CBR reports that the final 2 issues are going to be finally released in May 2018.

“S.H.I.E.L.D.’s long hiatus, like the feeling of unfinished business, has been a nagging presence in the back of my mind,” added Weaver. “Finally having it out in the world will be very gratifying. I’m proud of it and excited to finally share the last issues. Having it out will also be a relief. I think now my spirit can go into the light and I won’t have to keep haunting Jonathan Hickman.”
Posted Feb 2018